Going, Doing & Seeing

Welcome to the Pioneer Collective homepage. Please do explore the site and discover how you too can become a part of this exciting new initiative to reclaim our pioneering Baptist heritage.

Who are we?

We are a growing tribe of women and men whose calling is to go beyond the walls of the church to intentionally and creatively respond to the spiritual needs of our society. Here you can read profiles of the new pioneers, along with details of those who are involved as coaches and enablers within the Pioneer Collective.


Discover more about the motivation behind the Pioneer Collective, and details of the partners who have gathered around a this shared vision.

Called to Pioneer?

Are you sensing a call from God to go beyond the fringe of church and share the good news of Jesus in fresh and creative ways with those who have yet to hear? Find out what a pioneer is and what your next step should be.

Training Opportunities

We have information about the various ways to be equipped and accredited as a Baptist pioneer. You can register here for Equipped to Pioneer or find details of other courses being run in your part of the country. We might also be able to help you find a placement.

Existing Pioneers

If you are already a pioneer within the Baptist family then we have details of some useful networking opportunities. You can also help us to fulfil our vision by offering to become a coach for a new pioneer.


Here you can find a calendar of upcoming training and networking events, along with more details about each event, including the venue, the price and how to register.


With news from our partners, and other information about pioneering in general, we hope our regular postings here will keep you up to date.

Contact Us

Here you will find details of how to get in touch with the Pioneer Collective Co-ordinator.