Our Partners

The Pioneer Collective is an initiative that involves the following key partners.

Urban Expression

Urban Expression is a mission agency that recruits, equips, deploys and networks self- financing teams pioneering creative and relevant expressions of the Christian church in under-churched areas of the inner city. It is committed to incarnational ministry on the margins and amongst the poor, and encourages teams to move into urban neighbourhoods to work with others to pioneer exciting, grass-roots, transformative way of being church which seek God’s kingdom of justice and peace.

Incarnate Network

Incarnate is a grass-roots church planting, pioneer and fresh expressions network for the UK and mainland Europe, led by Baptist practitioners and acting as the Baptist Union of Great Britain’s church planting network. Its annual gathering in March provides a great opportunity for pioneers to engage in friendly conversation, learn from insightful main sessions and collaborative workshops, and to share experiences and stories of mission.

Light Project

The Light Project, is a bunch of people across the UK have a heart to demonstrate and relate the most amazing message of all time to our generation: the good news of Jesus. It encompasses a variety of evangelistic projects including: outreach to people who are homeless, schools work, street art, city centre chaplaincy, and youth clubs. They also provide gap year training and a Foundation Degree in Theology and Evangelism, accredited by the University of Chester.

BMS World Mission

BMS World Mission is a Christian mission organisation, with personnel working in around 35 countries on four continents. In March 2013, however, in response to many requests for BMS to assist churches and networks with mission work here in Britain, it appointed its first UK Field Leader. BMS is now seeking to capture and share some of the skills and experience of BMS gained in other countries to co-ordinate a response to the mission field on our doorstep.

Baptists Together

In 2012 Lynn Green, the General Secretary of the Baptist Union of Great Britain, said: “I believe that we need an explosion of new pioneers and I am praying that God will raise them up.” Baptists Together are actively involved in seeking to make this vision a reality, and are enabling the Pioneer Collective to work with the regional Baptist Associations and the Baptist Colleges, to identify, equip and release new pioneers.

We are also in discussions with the Baptist Union of Scotland and the Baptist Union of Wales to see how we can support pioneers from across the United Kingdom.