Our Vision

The Pioneer Collective is a strategic Baptist response to the missional challenges of a fast-changing and post-Christendom culture in which existing forms of church connect with only a small fraction of the population. Over the next 5 years (2014-2019) our vision is to see:

400 new Baptist pioneers:

GOING to where the church isn’t

DOING what Jesus does and

SEEING what happens.

The Pioneer Collective seeks to be:

–           A tribal gathering and scattering of new Baptist pioneers pushing the missional boundaries in an emerging and diverse culture to communicate and embody the gospel of Jesus Christ in new contexts.

–           A signpost to relevant training, mentoring and support networks that will help them reflect theologically on the practice of pioneer ministry.

The Pioneer Collective aims to:

–           Encourage pioneers, especially those who feel isolated, that the Baptist Unions value them and want them to be released into their gifting and calling: going to where the church isn’t, discovering what God is doing, and joining in.

–           Equip pioneers to make and nurture disciples where they are (not extracting them from their context).

–           Release pioneers to establish missional communities or plant churches, when it is appropriate and contextually relevant to do so.