Equipped to Pioneer

Equipped to Pioneer is a part-time training course for anyone in Baptist churches involved in pioneer ministry and/or church planting. Developed in 2012, it aims to meet the changing scene of church life where local mission opportunities often require a range of new skills, and new churches come in a variety of expressions. It is intended to enable people to be recognised by the churches of the Baptist Union as trained pioneers. The course consists of a range of modules designed to provide a biblical and theological understanding of mission in today’s context, along with personal development. Other modules help develop the skills needed for different forms of pioneering mission and for creating new expressions of church.

The modules are delivered by a variety of different agencies and people wanting to follow the complete course for recognition as a Baptist Pioneer will be supervised through a Baptist College in a similar way to those who train as Lay Pastors. The process of recognition will also be similar and will involve the local church and association.

Modules may be taken in any order and will normally take a minimum of two to three years to complete. Most modules require attendance for two Saturdays, a series of evenings or a complete weekend. Assessments of differing types must be undertaken to complete the module. A part-time church planting or pioneering mission involvement is expected during most of the two to three years of the course.

If you are interested then take a closer look at the course summary and find more details about costs and how to register.