Course Summary

For Equipped to Pioneer recognition, twelve modules need to be completed; ten normally form the core course and two more may be selected from six options. Some modules are the same as in the course for Lay Pastors and these are delivered by Baptist Colleges. The remainder of the core modules are normally delivered by the Crucible course run by Urban Expression and its partners, or by CMS. There is also the need for you to complete a short placement in a context other than your own.


The first 5 core modules are normally available through the Baptist colleges.

1. Understanding the Bible 1

2. Understanding the Bible 2

3. Baptist Belief and Practice

4. Doing Theology

5. Spirituality  and Formation

The next 5 core modules are covered in the Crucible course which involves six weekends of teaching over a two year period.

6. After Christendom

7. Jesus Unplugged

8. Creating New Churches

9. The Urban Challenge

10. Restoring Hope / Becoming Human


 In addition to the 10 core modules, you can choose any 2 of the following 6 optional modules. The first 3 options are delivered by CMS as part of their Pioneer Mission Leadership Training. The next 3 options are delivered by the Baptist Colleges.

A. Pioneering Leadership (CMS)

B. Missional Entrepreneurship Week (CMS)

C. Two ReSource weekends (CMS)

D. Multi-Cultural Church (Baptist Colleges)

E. Pastoral Care (Baptist Colleges)

F. A Theology or a Church History module (Baptist Colleges)


A placement in pioneering situation new to the student for up to a week. This would ideally to take place in the first year, with a report from the mentor. This placement and its assessment needs to be agreed with Crucible. Help in identifying a placement is available through the Incarnate Network or Urban Expression.